DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Samantha Moore

Everyone wants to have a unique and memorable costume for Halloween, but when you’re running low on time (and money!) it can be difficult to find a fashionable costume. There is no reason you should have to skip out on any Halloween parties this year for lack of a costume, so here are three quick DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to rock your Halloween.

Coco Chanel was one of the most inspirational designers in the world, but her biggest influence on fashion by far would have to be the popularization of the LBD. So, if you are looking to be Chanel for Halloween, a classy black dress is the first place to start (extra points if it’s a drop waist dress!). Drape some pearl necklaces over your dress and create a faux-bob under a chic black hat. With your favorite quilted black purse over your shoulder, you’re ready to influence the world too, leaving a trail of Chanel No. 5 behind you.

Almost every movie starring Grace Kelly is considered a fashion classic—The Country Girl, The Swan, and Dial M for Murder are just a few. If you want to channel your inner actress or princess for Halloween, take Grace Kelly as your inspiration because she has very memorable outfits you can recreate. With a black leotard, long full skirt, peep-toes and smooth-backed hair, you can look like you just walked out of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. The final step is to accessorize with a pearl necklace and some long white gloves. With a Halloween costume as good as this one, maybe you’ll be picked up by a prince too.

The last costume choice has been approved by Queen Elizabeth II. Kate Middleton has stepped into the royal scene with her best fashion foot forward. Since she has so many different A+ looks, it’s easy to find pieces from your own closet that allude to her style. Just make sure you don’t forget the hat!

Figuring out a great DIY costume can sound scarier than Halloween itself, but with these three easy ideas you’re on your way to a Happy Halloween!


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