Boston Fashion Week: Caramelo Clothing Co. Event

By Adam Ali

I was surprised that Boston Fashion Week hosted menswear event and even more surprised that this was an open event. It was a menswear event that I was able to attend; you know I was there.

I’ll be honest: I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t in a studio or showroom like most fashion shows or presentations; it was in a restaurant. I went in expecting an open buffet spread with a couple of cocktails and a line of models standing still as statues waiting to be examined (presentation style). What I got: a dark restaurant that looked like a restaurant. There was no clear runway or walkway, no room for press and, most saddening of all, no open buffet.

I took up a spot at the bar and I started to try to figure this whole thing out. As I analyzed the layout of the restaurant and tried to predict the route these models were walking in, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the #teammom camp next to me. They were doing what moms do, bragging about their kids. As it turns out, all of their kids were walking for this show. It was beginning to feel like everyone knew each other at the restaurant that night.

About ten minutes later the first model walked out onto the restaurant floor. He walked a couple of feet and stopped, then he walked another couple of feet and stopped, he did that until he made his way around the entire restaurant in an amoeba-like shape. The staggering of models about 10-20 feet apart, coupled with the slow walking pace, made for a very slow show,lasting about 20 minutes.

The models themselves were dressed in run-of-the-mill menswear clothing, nothing that was particularly special (with the exception of one suit), however every outfit had one or two pieces that really distinguished them from a regular outfit.

Afterwards the “dressing room” area was changed into a small pop-up shop that was open to everyone. I stepped in and chatted with a few people about the brands and the show itself.

I learned a lot about Carmelo Clothing Co., the brands they carry and why they are regarded as the best menswear store in Boston. There are many awesome stores in Boston, however few support both up-and-coming and homegrown brands like Carmelo Clothing Co. They carry New England Shirting Company alongside Osmium (a new brand out of the New England area). They additionally carry a few established yet uncommon brands that gives the outfit just enough pop to make it stand out. Such brands include Ted Baker and Supreme Being. By carrying a diverse set of brands, the store caters to both the average and seasoned shopper.

The show gave a homey vibe because the shop was just like that. The show itself may have not been the greatest but in combination with the food, drinks and friends it made for a good story, and for a shop like Carmelo Clothing Co. that’s the most important thing.


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