American Country Music Awards Best Dressed

By Alexina Prather

The American Country Music Awards just passed and on the red carpet there was a mix of hits and misses as usual for award shows. Although all of the artists are talented with a microphone, it can be very challenging to find just the right outfit to please the heavily critical crowd. Among some of the dresses that were definite hits for this particular award show were Taylor Swift, Jewel, and The Band Perry, particularly Kimberly Perry.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has now been to so many award shows that you would think she would start to get bored or slip up every once in a while, but as usually she looked stunning. She chose to wear a Dolce and Gabbana floor length shimmery dress. It was a very classy and sophisticated look for her. The addition of her new haircut of bangs made her look quite fierce. It matched with the extremely intricate design of jewels on her body. The cut of the neckline was high and elegant. The dress fit her beautifully cinching at the waist and making her body look amazing. Her hair was simple and pulled back but it was the dress that really stole the spot light.


Jewel wore a George Chakra Couture dress that really stood out because of its perfect fit and stunning color. The soft peach went beautifully with her skin tone and hair color. The soft peach was a smart choice especially since the spring season is on its way. Her body is in amazing shape and this dress really showed that. The floral patterns that really stand out near the bottom give it a captivating texture. Her hair is simple but sometimes simple is the way to go on the red carpet, and she definitely nailed this look.

Kimberly Perry

Kimberly Perry, from The Band Perry, wore a Dior gown. Some may place her on the worst dressed list but others see this as gorgeous. It can definitely swing both ways. The band as a whole looked very put together, like one unit with each member having their own individual flare. The suits on the two men fit them very well and they looked great as an ensemble. The Dior dress had a lot going on but in a good way. The top half had shimmering scales and the bottom had two layers that showed off her nicely toned legs and sliver heals. The entire band looked smashing and definitely stood out on the red carpet. The white Dior gown was definitely a risk but one that paid off.

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