6 Fashion YouTubers You Should Know

By: Shelby Robin

1. The Fashion Citizen


The Fashion Citizen consists of a sister duo from Arizona, who thrifting goddesses. They have adorable nicknames for each other (Smell and Punk) and have a great sense of humor, which can be seen in their style. Their videos are a great way to find some inspiration for what to look for at your local thrift shop, and their styling videos can assist you with how to wear different statement pieces.

2. Helen Anderson


Helen Anderson, a British YouTuber, is tattooed, pierced and a total goof ball. Her style is fun, edgy and rock ‘n roll. Helen loves herself some Doc Martens and cheetah print, as well as lace and pastels. She loves festival fashion, and her hair is constantly changing colors. Helen is also soon to be married, so some unconventional wedding videos are sure to be on the way.

3. In The Frow


Behind Inthefrow, is Victoria, a British YouTuber who I would recommend anyone interested in luxury. She reviews a lot of high-end beauty products and does very sophisticated makeup tutorials and fashion lookbooks. Victoria can often be found wearing pumps during the day with ankle grazing denim, and a designer bag in the crook of her arm. Oh, and did I mention she rocks the silver hair trend?

4. simply_kenna


Simply_kenna exudes chill vibes, and makes inspirational videos about her unique lifestyle. This includes being a minimalist, a vegan and practicing Buddhism. Her personal style is very bohemian and relaxed, and her makeup looks are always beautifully glowy– she is a highlighting queen. She also makes really cute DIY on a budget videos perfect for anyone who likes that copper and marble look.

5. Lindseyrem


Lindseyrem, also known as Lindsey, is super relatable to us college students, because she also is one! Lindsey studies graphic design in California, and makes very on-trend style and beauty videos. Her lookbooks consist of outfits you could actually wear to class.

6. LaMadelynn


LaMadelynn is for all you old souls out there. Her style is modern with a wearable retro twist. It helps that she is a very talented videographer, and she puts a lot of time into each video she makes. Her videos all look like they came right out of a Wes Anderson film. Madelynn always puts a unique spin on the average makeup or styling video.



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