Basics of the Blazer

By: Duong Trinh

From their origin as suit jackets for boating club members, blazers are nowadays regarded as chic items continually featured in street style looks. Ranging from blocks of color to patterned prints, casual forms to formal cuts and stiff materials to slouchy fabrics, the myriad options or hybrids of some can be tailored to any preferable style. Here, I’ll show you the three most basic ways to style a blazer.

1. The Casual Blazer


Wearing a blazer is not synonymous with being stiff and serious. Go bold with colors; create emphasis here and there with an item that jumps out from your usual color scheme. Sneakers, snapbacks, and crop tops are some options for accessories that defy the cuts of an otherwise stern-looking jacket.

 Luann Rib Top | Choies Blazer | J Brand Jeans | Adidas Originals | Balenciaga Bag | Cara Scarf  | Lane Crawford Cap |Dior Sunglasses

2. The Professional Blazer


Mixing up different prints yet preserving the whole monochromatic feel of the outfit can be challenging, but fun to play with. Within the context of the workplace, blazers can truly shine by framing up a tucked-in, white shirt, accompanied by work bag. Still, there is space for creativity. Cinch in your waist with a belt to create a more linear silhouette, or wear a ruffled shirt and let the intricate detail speak for itself.

Red Valentino Top | Edun Blazer  | Edun Pants | Louboutin Shoes | Shein Bag | Bottega Veneta Phone Case | Cutler & Gross Glasses | Yves Saint Laurant Belt 

3. The Evening Blazer

Look 3 Evening.png

Personally, I own only one black blazer cape, but there have been countless looks that it has been featured in. A supreme-looking black blazer cape can give the outfit a crisp, put-together feel. Dressed in this style, minimalism is the right way to go—no need to complicate with layers or colors. With a simple pair of stilettos and clutch, you are ready to go.

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