Boston Date Ideas

By: Sophy Chen

Boston is a great city with tons of activities suitable for young lovebirds. Sure, a dinner and a movie is a safe bet, but why not switch it around a bit? Northeastern is situated just minutes from downtown, but if you are feeling lazy, there are a bunch of date-worthy places just a short walk away from campus.

For the Culturati: Museums


Do you know what the perk of living in a college town is? Student discounts. For all you art lovers, check out all the local museums; many offer free admission or a discounted rate to college students. For Northeastern students, the obvious choice is the Museum of Fine Arts, where students get in for free. Even if you have been before, they constantly have new exhibitions open to the public.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers five dollar admissions to students and has a beautiful garden, as well as an amazing collection of over 2,500 paintings, prints and sculptures from all over the world. It’s only a 10 minute walk from Northeastern and also has a cafe for a casual lunch date.

If you want to venture further out into the city, another option is the Institute of Contemporary Art near the harbor. Northeastern has recently been added to the list of colleges they offer free admission to. You are paying 60,000 a year for tuition, so go out and get your money’s worth!

For the Musicians: Live Music


Everyone loves a good tune, but going out to concerts all the time isn’t really economical, especially if one person decides to end up paying for the other. A great alternative is going out to smaller, local shows. The Red Room @ Cafe 939 is Berklee’s concert venue and has shows throughout the week with many that are free or less than $20. Grab a bite to eat nearby on Mass Ave., or even Newbury if you are feeling a bit more fancy. If you want to eat while listening to some jams, try Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, on Columbus Ave. Depending on their calendar, you can find live jazz performance for a small cover fee of three dollars.

For the Competitive Ones: Bowling/Rock Climbing


Nothing brings people closer than some friendly competition. Go on a double date and do something fun! Jillian’s, near Fenway, is a great place to do some casual bowling with a significant other, or group. They are open seven days a week until 2 a.m. every night! For something more strenuous, try rock climbing! At Rock Spot Climbing in South Boston, college students can get a day pass with all the gear included for only $20. Rock climbing is great because if you end up falling, your date can catch you; that’s basically a scene out of a movie.

For the Intellectuals: Take a Class Together


If you are in Boston, and between the ages 18-25, you are probably here for college. Why not attend a lecture on a topic you are both interested in and learn something new? Keep an eye out on social media for upcoming events that your friends may be attending; chances are something will pop up.

Some people like lectures, while others are visual learners. If you are the latter, The Paint Bar, on Newbury Street, offers classes where you learn how to paint, and offers you drinks. At the end, you can even keep your project!

Another way to keep your brain active is Trivia night! Trident Booksellers and Cafe has a trivia night every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and as the name suggests, there is also a cafe there for you to grab dinner beforehand.

For the Romantics: Ice Skating at The Frog Pond 


Lastly, considering the time of year, take your date out to Boston Common to go ice skating at the Frog Pond. You can go around holding hands and catch each other when you fall. To avoid the lines, go during less popular times and have fun! Admission is six dollars a person with $12 for rentals, and if you have a college id, admission is half off! The Frog Pond is located right in downtown, so afterwards, there are plenty of options to keep the date going. You can grab a bite to eat in Beacon Hill, Chinatown or maybe even go and catch a movie at the nearby theatre.


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