Back to Class: 2016 Favorites

By: Duong Trinh

In 2016, Boston began in the warmth and welcome of light snow, sprinkling down on layers of pedestrians’ sweaters and coats. Starting off mildly into snowy season, the weather has been nice and easy for those rushing back to school and work.

At the beginning of each season you always find yourself asking: Which of my items go well with the current time of the year? How should I style them? What on-going events or trends should I be keeping myself updated with?

While many of us may have readily delved into the New Year full of excitement and eagerness to carry on with our achievements of 2015, let me present my picks for starting off the year on the right foot.


Look at your winter wardrobe right now, and describe its current condition! Stay away from the black, heavy coats and slouchy hoodies. But, before you get carried away with shopping for all new arrivals, be sure to be looking for items that are stylish, easily layered and warm. If you have been wondering what chic items are out there on the runway and on the streets, you want to keep an eye out for fur, turtlenecks, chunky knitwear and shearling.  Add some statement accessories to your look, and you’re good to go!

1. Fur Materials. You can always aim for the urban, chic look during winter days; after all, the posh-looking nature of the material has lead to the popular reoccurrence of the trend season after season.

Styling 1. Fur Materials.png2. Turtlenecks. Turtlenecks have always been a basic winter item. Spice yours up with denim in the form of a pair of skinny jeans, a jumpsuit, culottes or a skirt. Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite pair of patchwork sandals.

Styling 2. Turtleneck Combo.png3. Chunky Knitwear. Knitted sweaters always appear to be ever-so-comfortable and fashionable. However, they shouldn’t stop you from challenging yourself to layer. Add an urban touch with metallic accessories.

Styling 3. Chunky Knitwear.png

4. Shearling Touch. While designers this season have been all about fur—from full coats to more subtle details— shearling has also gained much attention. A shearling jacket alone can provide your body with an unbelievable amount of warmth.

Styling 4. Shearling Touch.png


Winter in Boston is harsh and unpredictable so you have to keep your hair, face, lips and body constantly hydrated. Condition, moisturize and hydrate with the products below:

Hair and Face.jpg

  1. Dry Shampoo by TRESemmé ($5) is the perfect touch-up product if you’re looking to avoid over-washing your hair and maintaining natural shine and volume.
  2. Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil by Suave ($7) will add fragrance and silky texture to your hair while keeping all your fly-aways in place.
  3. Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum by L’Oréal ($7) cures frizzy ends giving you long-lasting shiny hair.
  4. Hint of Color Dry Shampoo by Batista ($9) is a top-rated product that comes in various shades for you to choose from to fit your hair color best.
  5. Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo ($26) is another highly-rated product that revitalizes dry, damaged hair that has suffered from chemical treatment, hot tools and climate change.
  6. Offects Exfoliating Polish by ZO Skin Health ($67) uses ultra-fine crystals to remove dead skin cells to prevent pores, leaving your face nice and refreshed.
  7. Professional Peptide Complex C Serum by OBAGI ($96) tones and brightens your skin– a must-have during these grey winter days.


  1. Verbena Shower Gel by L’Occitane ($20)
  2. Water & Stain Repellent for Sheepskin and Suede by UGG ($10)
  3. Chance Fragrance by Chanel ($100)
  4. White Citrus by Bath and Body Works ($7)
  5. Honey by Marc Jacobs ($96)
  6. Color Show Nail Lacquer by Maybelline ($4)
  7. Body Lotion Orange Ambre by Lanvin ($35)


David Bowie’s recent death at the age of 69 saddened both the music and fashion industries. In one of his most successful albums, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” Bowie portrayed himself as the fictional bisexual, alien rock star Ziggy Stardust who would cast hope upon humanity before its existence came to an end.



The Oscar Nominations for Best Picture are out, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s victory at the Golden Globes as the Best Actor for his performance in the “The Revenant” makes us wonder if he will take anything home at the Oscars. As Kate Winslet said at the London Critics Circle Film Awards this January, “everyone wants it for him” and, hopefully, “[it’s] going to be Leo’s year”.

Make you predictions for the winner. Here are the nominees:


Wrapping up with some of last year top reads from, you will find everything from the much anticipated comeback of Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman” to Mindy Kaling’s follow-up best-seller, “Why Not Me?”.  Grab a comfy seat, some hot chocolate and snuggle up with one of these:

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