2016 Beauty Trend Forecast

By: Nicole Miller

2016 has arrived and along with it, so did many new beauty trends. Below are a few trends from the runways and beauty blogs which will definitely be gaining momentum this year.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have been around for a while and have been especially popular in Asian countries. They are starting to make their way to stores in America, such as Sephora, Ulta and various department stores. These masks are the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin during the dry, winter season.


The no-makeup-makeup look continues to reign in 2016. This trend is low-maintenance and natural, mainly relying on nude eyeshadows, a glowing face and tinted lip butters. This year, natural skin is in so opt for tinted moisturizers and let your freckles shine!

Dark, Moody Lips

For some people dark lips can seem intimidating. However dark wine and plum colors look great on everyone and can take a look from everyday to sexy in minutes. The vampire-esque look of dark lipstick adds a slight edge to any look and they are especially great for the winter season.

Bright, Metallic Eyes

Metallic, especially silver eyes, appeared in several spring 2016 runway shows. Metallic colors, such as silver, brighten up the eyes and look extra glam.

Slick Hair

Slick, wet-looking hair is in this year. To achieve the look, apply some strong hold gel to your hair and brush it back. This hairstyle requires little effort and manages to look chic every time.

Glam Ponytails

Who says ponytails are just for the gym? Ponytails can look stylish and elegant, too. Just look at the Balmain spring 2016 runway. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic or add a fun accessory to mix up your ponytail.

Cream Deodorant

Tired of using your regular deodorant stick? Well, this year cream deodorant is increasingly gaining popularity. These products are very natural and dry into a waxy consistency. Many beauty bloggers, such as Ingrid Nilsen, rave about these easy-to-use products.

Candy Apple Lips

Goodbye, blasé reds! This year, it’s all about candy apple red lips. Seen all over the runways this season, the flattering shade can add a Snow White vibe to any look.

Blue Eyes

Either employing blue as an eyeshadow or liner, the color has graced multiple runways this season. Though it might be hard to pull off, it is a funky trend that is great to experiment with.

Pink & Peachy Eyes

Wearing pink eyeshadow can seem scary. Applying too much or the wrong shades can make you look like you have pink eye. However, when done right, pink and peachy hues can create a soft, sophisticated look. This trend is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day look.

Wild Eyebrows

Big brows still reign, but with a slight difference. This year, brows are bushier and more feral than previously. So, skip the brow gel, and comb your brow slightly upwards to create a wilder look.

No-Heat Hair

Goodbye, styling tools. More natural, heatless hairstyles are back in fashion. Let your natural texture dominate to create elegant braids or style your hair in a messy bun.

Sources: harpersbazaar.com, glamour.com, elle.com

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