Links We Love: Week of Dec. 6, 2015

By: Samantha Isaacs

Lovers of fashion alike are constantly on the hunt for new reading material, fresh style inspiration, and a unique outlook on the industry that we know and love. Like I do for the majority of my problems, I take to the internet to solve this fashion wanderlust I experience every so often and I am very rarely let down by the vast offerings for inspiration. Bloggers, online magazines, established websites and even brand blogs have proven to be exceptional resources for the endless, and sometimes exhausting, recreation of my personal style. Take a look at the links below and get an insider view into what sites I frequent.  



Just as the title suggests, this fitness destination website was founded by Hannah Bronfman with the purpose of sharing all things health, beauty and fitness. There is a strong emphasis on the combination of fitness and fashion, a nuanced idea that many of us are fond ofmyself especially. The #HBFIT movement has expanded exponentially and has spread awareness for a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst women of all shapes and sizes. One of the best parts about HBFIT is that the message it shares is not one of “eat this, don’t eat that”. Neither is it a demeaning tone towards those who may not be used to an active lifestyle; the website it all-inclusive.  If you haven’t heard of this amazing health blog and fashion-forward movement, be sure to check them out.



Female fashion does not always constitute high heels and faux fur; it can often encompass streetwear brands and fashion sneakers. If you are anything like me, you are meticulously aware of all the latest releases, high end fashion collaborations and are a lover of all things sneaker-culture. It is as time consuming as it sounds, but that is why websites like Highsnobiety exist. This amazing site covers everything from the latest street style brand all the way to lifestyle and art content. There is also a special perk: an entire tab in their menu devoted to footwear. Needless to say, subscribing to the Highsnobiety email list was easily one of the best decisions I have made and I promise you won’t regret doing the same.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.42.53 PM

Sweat The Style:

I could rant about how great I think this website is for girls like me who subscribe to the sporty and chic look, but I am going to try my best to minimize my ramblings. Founder and dream girl Adrianne Ho has effortlessly crafted a brand for sporty girls who love style just as equally as they love fitness. Her active lifestyle culture has redefined fashionable fit-wear with a focus on organic and healthy living. The brand has also acquired a girl-gang of contributors who model the clothing line as well as deliver fashion-forward content on a regular basis. As if all of that is not enough, you can now shop the Sweat Crew line at your nearest Pacsun. The Sweat The Style movement has created a positive air around healthy eating and fashion, paving the way for girls like myself to fearlessly experiment in that region of fashion.

Tomboy KC

Tomboy KC:

Katie Cassidy, actress who portrays Laurel Lance in the hit television show Arrow by day, and Lynsey Eaton both practiced law and were featured in the New York Times as Refinery 29’s “30 Under 30 Game Changers”. Together, these two ladies run a successful and full-of-character fashion and lifestyle blog. What I love most about TKC is that it actually reads as a website for all girls who love individual style. The style of the writing is extremely refreshing and frequently celebrates the differences of all fashionistas. If you are ever in need of a quality fashion read without all the hassle of sifting through Refinery 29’s dense archives, head over to TKC!

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