3 Days of Style: Liza P.

Name: Liza Pereguda

Major: Journalism

Year: Freshman

Day 1


It is 70° F outside, and the only thing to remind you that it is actually November are the leaves on the ground. For day one, I wore a black leather skirt from Forever 21 with a crop top that I came across in a vintage market in London. It is a weekday, but I expect my evening to be a bit more eventful than working on tedious schoolwork in the library. I wanted to find the right balance between being overdressed for the day and underdressed for the evening. For that reason, I decided to add heels to my look—plus, how much longer can we wear heeled sandals with the frigid Boston winter quickly approaching? I then decided to add a cape as my outerwear; it is one of the major trends this season and is a more stylish substitution to a cardigan. It also adds extra coverage to create a conservative look for my #OOTD. When the cape is off, it becomes the #OOTN!

Day 2

2 (1)

I recently purchased this adorable grey beanie from ASOS and I could not wait to wear it outside. The blue coat is an absolute must because it complements my hair and eye color. It is basic yet bright, and always manages to make me a bit happier. Plus, it is a great way to stand out when everyone is wearing grey and black outerwear.

The New Balance sneakers contrast the rather classical fit of the coat and add a bit of a casual vibe to the look.


Day 3

3 (1)

Knee-high boots are a fashion essential for this season. I usually go for the Aldo knee-high ones these days. I guess I am too dependent on trends. The dress reminds me of the style of roaring twenties and I pair the dress with my favorite leather jacket. The Forever 21 dress is made of the warm fabric, so it is very suitable for the fall. Except that sometimes, the famous windy weather of Boston makes it tricky to stay comfortable without some extra layers. I’m also matching vinous Furla bag with a lipstick of the same color. It is all about the accents!

Photos by: Nataliya Potapenko, Alexander Korotkov

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