Holiday Gifts for Her

By Caroline O’Brien and Elise Borja

Many of us are wrapping up—yes, pun intended—our last minute holiday shopping in the next couple of weeks, leaving us frazzled and stressed about finding the perfect gifts. For the ladies in our lives, it may be a bit more difficult to find items that are fashion-forward and don’t break the bank. Luckily for you, we have compiled together five items that are suited for low and high budgets:

Leather Backpack


The leather backpack is not only the perfect gift for her, but also a year-round essential for any girl looking for convenience or style. This mini backpack from Rag & Bone is a great accessory for a street-style look. It allows her to be hands-free when running to class or work while maintaining great style. Although this Rag & Bone backpack flew off the shelves, click here to see a similar one from Topshop.


Wool Cape


If you have a fashion-forward lady in your life, she has probably hopped on the wool cape bandwagon, or is looking to. This pieces is perfect for those looking for a piece that is warm, cozy and essentially like wearing pajamas in public. This multicolored cape from Burberry is definitely a splurge gift, but a piece that will remain in her closet for many years to come. Click here to pick up this investment piece!

Y Necklaces


Whether you have a $50 budget or a $2000 budget, Y necklaces are a sure-fire way to satisfy your gift recipient. This Chelsea Sapphire Y Necklace from Carolee is a great way to try out the necklace trend without overpowering the rest of an outfit. It is  an elegant piece that is perfect for any girl who likes to add a little something to her ensembles. Click here to look at more Y necklaces from Carolee.

Metallic Candles


If you have had enough with the Bath & Body Works candles, Johnathan Adler’s may be perfect for your holiday shopping. These candles are unlike every Christmas-tree-scented candle you have already seen a 1000 times. This season, surprise her with a “champagne” or “vodka” candle to not only add an amazing scent to her home (don’t worry, they don’t actually smell like alcohol), but can also complement her decorating style. Pick up these candles today by clicking here.

Statement Bracelets


A girl can truly never have enough jewelry. If she is someone who likes to make a statement and wants to add a little color to her winter wardrobe, this bangle bracelet from Carolee is the perfect piece. Don’t let her blend in the crowd of black parkas and wellies; give her something to help her stand out! Purchase it here.

To get more inspiration for holiday presents, see Elise’s Pinterest board here!


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