Q&A with Extra Petite: Recap

By: Jessica Fortier, Editor-in-Chief

Northeastern University’s Fashion & Retail Society recently had the pleasure of meeting Jean, also known as Extra Petite. This famous Boston blogger graduated from Boston University and is currently working as a consultant, while doing what she loves—fashion blogging. With two million monthly page-views on her blog, Extra Petite is a top fashion blogger. Fashion & Retail Society was lucky enough to receive an intimate Q&A with Jean—who I have to say, is so sweet! Not only is Jean kind and intelligent, but she reiterates an important message: be yourself. Keep reading to have your style and career-oriented questions answered!


Q: How are you able to differentiate your blog and stand out?

A: Start with what you’re passionate about and write about what you’re interested in. Allow your  blog to change with you.

Q: How often do you actually go shopping?

A: Since my blog is a business, I am browsing constantly. I do shopping online. Loft does a great job. It is great for student budget and they are one of the few stores that carry extended petite sizing in store.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: Audrey Hepburn. I find inspiration by flipping through her old movies and taking notes. Shift jackets and pearls come back in style.

Q: What would you say the best connection you have made in the fashion industry is and where did you make it?

A: In general, I have made connections with businesses that have been very incipient in their stages and then blossomed. Never dismiss someone that wants to get coffee and chat because you never know where they or  their company will go. Connect with people that have the same interests as you and that you genuinely enjoy talking to. 

Q: Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

A: Atlantic Pacific and Wendy’s Lookbook.

Q: What kind of work goes into a blog?

A: Business Management and Content Creation. Business Management includes analytics, brand outreach, and kene financial management. Content Creation involves thinking about what to write about and photograph. It also entails location scouting, finding photographers, and searching for graphic designers.

Q: What is your advice for growing followers organically?

A: Be active within your community or niche. Find a posting schedule that works for you and  comment on people’s posts something meaningful about their blog (not just “Great job, check out my blog”).

Q: What are your top five wardrobe staples?

A: A great blazer, skinny jeans, versatile blouse, good coat, and a great pair of high heels. A great staple is something that makes you feel excited every time you put it on. I love coats as a staple, especially for the winters that we have here in Boston.

Q: What is your favorite season for fashion?

A: Definitely fall. Layering is fun to experiment with and develop your style. Fall is also the best blogging season because of New England foliage.

Q: How do you decide what to write about each week?

A: Every time an idea comes in my head, I write it down and it can blossom into a post. For example, I step into a puddle and I turn into a post about how to protect your shoes from the rain. Another example is casual Friday at work and how to make jeans stylishly appropriate for work.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes a blogger can make?

A: Selling out. There are some blogs that I used to love reading, but now every post is obviously sponsored. To avoid this mistake, bloggers must do a better job at incorporating sponsorships or monetization into their posts. Bloggers should ask themselves two questions: 1) Is this what my readers want to see? 2) If this wasn’t free or paid, would I still post this?

Q: What is something about blogging you learned along the way?

A: Take in all the feedback, but figure out what is constructive. Don’t change yourself based on people’s non-constructive comments. Be yourself.



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