Girls Take Guy’s Jewelry

By: Carolyn Davis & Emily Wu

Guy’s Jewelry. What is it? Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, even piercings. It’s here and it might even be here to stay. Girls have always been into jewelry of all kinds but lately, the market for men’s jewelry is growing as we see an influx of jewelry on male celebrities and on everyday guys. Guys may love it, but we wanted to know how girls felt about it.

We decided to take the streets of Boston to find out what the ladies thought of the latest trends in bling for men. But first we consulted each other on what we thought of men’s jewelry. After a heated discussion on the topic ending in locked doors and broken dishes we finally came to a conclusion: subtlety is key. Small pieces here and there, like earrings, a few bracelets and watches are acceptable but bolder statement pieces paired together did not appeal to us.

photo 1

While men’s jewelry is generally accepted today, the only men wearing jewelry two decades ago were typically famous rock stars. The popularity of men’s jewelry came about with the influence of hip-hop in the mid ‘90s when artists sported an excessive amount of bling. Today, jewelry is still seen as a symbol of affluence and power but it’s also become a fashion statement for everyday guys. I mean, we are all aware of the unspoken rule that guys that wear big flashy watches are compensating for something, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

Our first interviewee had some specific thoughts on the topic. She told us, “I’m less inclined to be attracted to a guy that wears a ton of jewelry but I think it looks rad on some guys. I’m still into some bracelets and some necklaces. I like cross necklaces and black cord necklaces but not anything flashy.”

We agreed and moved on to find our next victim who was a little less up to date with what kind of men’s jewelry is out on the market. After we rattled off some examples she came to a final conclusion. “Nah. I don’t like any jewelry on men. I just like clean men. I don’t even really like guys that wear chains, like the necklaces.” We respect a girl that knows what she wants and according to her, not everyone is completely sold on men’s jewelry. However, we found one girl who knows exactly what she likes about man-bling. We confronted her on her opinions and she told us that “Um, watches are cool.” And she’s not wrong, watches are cool!


The search for answers continued and we found ourselves getting similar results from each girl we (gently) harassed on the street. The majority opinion was that guys wearing jewelry is fine in tasteful amounts.
Overall, our consensus is that men’s jewelry can be cool if worn in the right amounts and in the right ways i.e. David Beckham, but copious amounts of jewelry can be tacky and show-offy for our tastes i.e. Justin Bieber (but his new single is still fire). We ended our journey sipping our Vietnamese cold brews while the sun set to “What Do You Mean” softly fading out in the background. The quest for the important questions in life had finally come to an end and we could rest easy.

Photos: What the Sports?, Extraordinary Jewelry

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