ModCloth Integrates Plus Size Fashion

By: Shelby Robin

ModCloth has de-segregated the plus size category that once had its own tab on their website. This is a step forward for fashion equality for people of all sizes. Plus size shoppers often have trouble finding fashionable options, because they are limited to the weak selection of plus size clothing that only select stores carry. ModCloth is breaking down this fashion norm.

ModCloth, for those who are unfamiliar with the online retailer, is the perfect website to shop for all your cute, quirky and retro apparel needs. The company was founded 2002 with the principle of carrying clothing for all sizes.

ModCloth 1

Now with their plus size tab gone, ModCloth has integrated what they now refer to as “extended sizes” into each clothing category on their website. They are working on giving plus size girls the same selection as shoppers who fall into the traditional size range. ModCloth has made other strides to this goal of equality other than just restructuring their website. Their namesake label that was released this summer offers each clothing item in a full range of sizes.

ModCloth 2

ModCloth, though primarily an online retailer, has a Fit Shop in San Francisco. The concern for an integrated shopping experience is even more important when in an actual store, than when shopping online. On their blog, ModCloth writer Natalie wrote, “shopping is a social experience, but what stores do you know of where two pals on different ends of the size spectrum can shop side-by-side for the same clothing styles? In most places, there’s a “plus section” — or plus is relegated to an entirely separate store.” The Fit Shop avoids the awkwardness of friends not being able to shop together due to their size.

ModCloth 3

Is this the new direction for the plus size world of fashion? There are many retailers who follow the structure of plus size clothing holding its own section of a store. It will be interesting to see if any other forward thinking companies choose to follow ModCloth’s lead and integrate and expand their selection of plus size clothing. For now they remain an outlier to the rest of the industry.



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