Links We Love

By: Alex Kaneshiro

The internet never ceases to amaze me with the power it has to connect people and share ideas. A decade ago, the fashion-forward would turn to Vogue for inspiration they couldn’t necessarily afford to pay for. Others flocked to Seventeen for the latest trends that they could potentially pay for. Since the rise of fashion blogging, gone are the days where the gap between high-fashion and elementary style lives unbounded. Fashion blogs have presented that super stylish girl on campus with a way to share her practical and cost-savvy, yet chic style with anyone willing to read her words. She can now present her ideas and inspirations to an audience that is able and eager mimic her wardrobe — since she puts all the product information at the bottom of each post. That’s why I love fashion blogging. So, if you care to read about the people that I care to read about, check out the links below.

natalie off duty

Natalie Off Duty:

I stumbled upon the gorgeous Suarez sisters, Natalie and Dylana, on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and although they both have impeccable style, I was personally drawn to Natalie’s sporty-chic, tomboy ensembles. I found out that she has a very successful career in the NYC fashion scene as a model, brand ambassador and stylist. With her necks scarves, suede vests and denim t-shirt dresses, her everyday outfits never disappoint. Her website, Natalie Off Duty, showcases the best of her outfits, travels and eats. This lifestyle blog is kind of my go-to style Bible.

Behind the Curtain:

Although I’m not a die-hard Kate Spade fan, this summer I started reading their blog, Behind the Curtain. It’s essentially the reading material Audrey Hepburn would look through if she were alive today. The posts, photos and aesthetic beckon classy gals everywhere. Their most recent articles include favorite morning and nighttime rituals, a lesson in frosting pastel-colored cupcakes and tips for creating home art galleries. The blog features a bit of fashion, but I mainly check it to see what kind of Hepburn-esque lifestyle hacks are offered up to readers.

Lust For Life:

This summer, a friend of mine introduced me to the beauty and wonders of minimalist style. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean you throw on a dress and you’re done. Rather, it’s about mixing multiple basic pieces to create a clean-cut look. Fun-sized fashion blogger, Olivia Lopez’s website is a collection of her truly lust-worthy minimalist outfits. What I love about Olivia’s outfits is that she doesn’t wear obnoxious neon or loud leopard prints, yet she still manages to give off a bold, feminine vibe with the select, simple pieces she has on.

Vice Fashion:

If you’ve ever read Vice, you know that they only put out the most envelope-pushing, edgy content possible — and their fashion section is no exception. Although I love getting lost in pretty blogs, I turn to Vice for the latest news in underground fashion, interesting opinion pieces and profiles on inspiring people in the industry. If you’re ever feeling the urge to browse through the nitty-gritty side of fashion, the Vice fashion section will be your go-to website.


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