Look For Less: Kendall Jenner

By: Harshita Himatsingka

Model: Vanisha Dansinghani

The 19-year old supermodel and reality-tv star, Kendall Jenner, is a popular face when it comes to defining style. Her looks are sophisticated and chic. Her fashion go-to always includes basic tops, denim jeans and fancy accessories like shiny silver oxfords or a Baginc Colorblock Mini Satchel. She is one of the most influential street-style stars present. Her outfits are easy to incorporate into our daily lives, as they are simple and practical.

Look 1: Denim Queen

This look speaks for itself. Kendall shows us how to rock denim on denim. This is a casual look. It is something that can be worn to class, shopping for groceries or just hanging out with friends. It’s simple to put together, hassle free and looks tres-chic.

  • Hat- Forever 21, $28
  • Sunglasses- Forever 21, $5.90
  • Denim shirt- Forever 21, $24.90
  • Ripped jeans- H&M, $9.99
  • Bag- Primark, $18
  • Shoes- H&M, $24.99

Look 2: The Plaid Star

This look is similar to the first one, but still quite different. There are elements of denim and blue, like Kendall’s plaid shirt, but one can always switch that out for a different color and reinterpret the look. It is again, basics: a white t-shirt, denim jeans, belt and booties. The outfit is effortless and very urbane because all the elements compliment each other, making the look cohesive.

  • Sunglasses- Forever 21, $5.90
  • Necklace- Primark, $3.50
  • T-shirt- H&M, $9.99
  • Belt- Forever 21, $8.90
  • Plaid shirt- H&M, $14.99
  • Bracelet- Forever 21, $4.90
  • Jeans- Forever 21, $24.90
  • Bag- Primark, $18
  • Shoes- Forever 21, $37.90

Look 3: Retro Babe

This look is very casual. It is something you might wear while going to the gym, or while heading to lunch after gym. The hat, sunglasses and bag add an element of style and sophistication. It is an easy look to pull off, and looks fabulous when one is out and about.

  • Hat: Forever 21, $9.99
  • Sunglasses: Forever 21, $7.90
  • Crop top- Forever 21, $14.90
  • Leggings- Forever 21, $12.90
  • Shoes- Forever 21, $29.90
  • Bag- Primark, $18

Look 4: Lady Faux Fur

One might wear this outfit going out to a fancy restaurant or attending a daytime party. The elements are simple, but the look becomes more formal with the white faux fur jacket. For the brave and stylish ladies out there, this outfit can easily be one that they wear to class.

  • Sunglasses- Forever 21, $5.90
  • Top- Forever 21, $15.90
  • Jacket- Etosell, Amazon $16-$21.99
  • Pants- Forever 21, $22.90
  • Shoes- H&M $49.99
  • Bag- Forever 21, $24.90

Photos: Harshita Himatsingka; www.harpersbazaar.com; www.stylechi.wordpress.com; www.dailymail.co.uk

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