Fall 2015 in Photos

By: Abigail Walker

Photos: Abigail Walker; thelondoner.me;  proseccoandplaid.combarefootblonde.com

Fall is my favorite season in terms of fashion. The gorgeous jewel tones of burgundy, dark green, navy blue and rust orange make their appearances across the industry in fashion shows and new fall lines. Clothes get warmer as the weather gets colder and layering becomes possible again. Sweaters are a staple in my wardrobe. The second I feel the first hint of crisp fall air, I will break my sweaters out (even if I end up with that awkward cold sweat from running around campus in a wool knit).

  1. My go-to fall accessory this year is this taupe ostrich bag from Kate Spade. I picked it up in one of the surprise sales during the spring, but only recently started using it as my school bag.
  2. Other fall favorites of mine include this enormous bat wing sweater I picked up at Primark in Dresden, Germany over the summer. I could kick myself for not buying it in every single color just because I wear it so much.
  3. Is it really fall if you aren’t wearing riding boots? Simple answer: no. As much as I hate to admit it and for fear of falling under a certain category, my Cole Haan riding boots are key to most of my outfits this season.

  1. Rosie, The Londoner, is one of my favorite bloggers. Always chic and a little quirky, she’s a very talented fall dresser. Her Jimmy Choo black leather moto boots are one of her most enviable fall staples.5-2
  2. Jessann from Prosecco and Plaid is one of my new favorites. Because she lives so close to us in the Newport area of Rhode Island, the way she dresses is very easy to recreate here in Boston.
  3. Amber of Barefoot Blonde, lives in New York and has been posting a lot of funky piece lately that are great for the change from late summer to early fall. With a baby and a golden retriever (and a cute husband) it’s hard not to fall in love with her life and her style.


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