Style In Revolt Fashion Show Recap

By Christine Kopera, Rachel Satell, Nate Hewes
Photo courtesy of Fashion & Retail Society

The Sixties in the United States were a time of change to the American lifestyle. One of the most prevalent ways this was expressed was through fashion. Style in Revolt set out to capture this image and bring it to the Northeastern fashion scene, exposing it to styles influenced by icons like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot.


The audience had the pleasure of being exposed to the period through a number of looks by several 21st century designers. The opening video set the stage for what was sure to be an invigorating experience. Bold patterns on crisp shifts and soft palettes on floor-grazing dresses of the women’s looks nicely balanced the severity of the mens’ looks. Showing plenty of skin by the way of backs and legs, the sexy side of the 60’s came through just enough, as to not come across as being dated. The show ultimately took a modernized approach to the era, instead of pure replication.170

From pieces by Cynthia Rowley, to student designed ensembles, the show exemplified the talents of big and up and coming designers, as well as F&RS team. While the majority of the looks excited the audience, there were a few gems among the rest that really made the show special (seen below). The collection left the audience with the impression that fashion and style are more than just living off luxury collections, but rather making the right pieces work for you, regardless of what level you are at.SONY DSC

With each successive year, the F&RS shows become more and more impressive, despite having a relatively short tenure at the university. After this show, all we can do is wonder and hope for what might become of the next show they choose to put on. Slowly but surely they are making the Northeastern student body a more stylish crowd.SONY DSC

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