Coachella Weekend One Best & Worst Dressed

By Jessica Fortier


Kendall Jenner
1This was my favorite look from Coachella. I love the idea of a maxi skirt with slits for the spring and summer. I also like the off-the-shoulder style top, a trend of spring 2015. The combination of gold and white brings out a bronze summer tan, something that I hope to have very soon!

Kate Bosworth
2Kate’s look brings a 60s-meets-modern vibe. The color white brings forth a new look to her vintage looking boots and jacket. I enjoy the clean shape of the purse as well as the stud details on her boots. Takeaways from her outfit for spring trends are studs, embroidery and the color white.

Sarah Hyland
3Sarah sported an orange suede skirt and a vest set with amazing metallic temporary tattoos. The natural-colored orange and black combination looks earthy and effortless. Overall trend takeaways for Sarah’s look are suede, leather and metallic accents.

Daisy Lowe
4With a floral name like Daisy, she sure brings floral print to Coachella. The color black brings forth an edgier aspect to an otherwise feminine floral pattern. She includes studs, beads and metals to her look for a unique feel.

Gigi Hadid
5Gigi takes fringe to Coachella. She ties in the color of her vest to her boots and a handbag. The look is kept simple with her black shorts and crop top, keeping the focus on the fringe vest. I like how she picked a statement piece such as the vest to make the trend stand out.


6First of all, what is Rihanna doing wearing a fur coat in California? This would not even be appropriate in the snowy city of Boston this time of the year. Also, that is the most grungy and disgusting shade of purple that I have ever seen. The bulky hot pink and black boots take the grunge look to a whole other level of puke!

7Fergie’s look is cheap looking. Come on Fergie, you can do better! The black and yellow combination reminds me of a school bus. The chains and lettered ring cheapen the look even more, making it look like a Halloween costume. One thing that I do like about her look however, is her sunglasses.

Fergie and
8Sorry Fergie, but you made the worst dressed list twice. You do not need to look cheap to look sexy. Sophistication is sexy. As for, what is the whole dress and hood with a cap situation? There are so many layers that do not go together. I am personally not a fan of the long tunic on men because it looks like a dress when they did not intend for it to be a dress.

Jaden Smith
9Jaden made the worst dressed list too because he is sporting the long tunic like as well. It looks like a dress!

10This dress is too flowy and does not do Kimbra justice. It looks more like a blanket or cape with holes for her arms. The red lipstick clashes with the colors of the ensemble. The combination of the lip color, brightly metallic eccentric shoes and dress hurts my eyes!

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