What To Wear To Music Festivals

By Jessica Fortier
Sources: thehunt.com, galleryhip.com, charlotterusse.com, imgarcade.com, wheretoget.it

When I go to a concert, I wear an outfit fitting to the concert’s music genre. For example, if one is going to a country concert, one may wear a sundress and a pair of country boots. Don’t be afraid to dress on the edgier side and opt for the fun, party vibe.
1Start your outfit off with a pair of black jeans. Extra points if you add leather accents or rock full on leather pants. Leather gives an instant edginess and is perfect for going out at night.
2If you’re feeling like you want to dress up a bit more, wear a fun printed skirt with a pair of tights (bare legs are still too early for this time of year in Boston).
3Next, never underestimate the power of a cute tank top. A chiffon-type material can dress up a pair of jeans and make you ready for a night out on the town. A bright color can add some cheer to your outfit. You can also add color through a bandeau or brightly colored jewelry.
4If you are like me and tend to value warmth, you may be tempted to wear a cardigan to a hip-hop concert. But, please don’t do that because it may look like you are going to work instead. Fight this urge by throwing on a sleek leather jacket. A leather jacket adds some cool factor and is appropriate for nighttime.
Now we are on to shoes. Wear a comfy pair of boots. No, not Uggs. Wear stylish ankle boots or riding boots. If you have fun colors or patterns, this can be an outfit changer! If not, plain leather offers a sleek urban vibe. Boom, bang, done. Your Springfest outfit is complete.

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