Chanel Metiers D’Art Goes To New York City

By Nate Hewes
Photos from,

The old world charm Salzburg, Austria and the sleek modernity New York City, undoubtedly appear to have little in common; yet Karl Lagerfeld saw the opportunity to unite them through fashion. While the original Metiers d’Art show was held in the elegant and stately rococo palace Schloss Leopoldskron, the New York tour was held at the Park Avenue Armory, which was divided into smaller salons to make it feel more like the original Austrian venue, albeit more modern. The slightly less palatial venue made up for its lessened decor with droves of celebrities and big name admirers of Chanel, and its leader, in the U.S. The guests invited to sit in the front row, adorned with traditional salon furniture of the period, included: Beyoncé, Anna Wintour, Julianne Moore, Pharrell Williams, and Geraldine Chaplin who has taken the role of Gabrielle Chanel in a number of Karl Lagerfeld’s films, including the latest, Reincarnation, which debuted in at the Salzburg show.

In the New York show, we had the pleasure of seeing models from the original, including a number from the cast of Reincarnation. Cara Delevingne, amongst others, first handedly exposing the American audience to the many splendors from the collection. The collection of course, drawing ample inspiration from the beauty and detail of Schloss Leopoldskron; each look elegantly accenting it grandeur. In addition to show, the evening also played host to a concert from Pharrell Williams, who wrote “CC the World”, a song which he performed alongside Delevingne in Reincarnation.

While collection premieres seldom seem to occur twice, it certainly seems to be an effective way for Chanel to market itself directly to an area that makes up a substantial portion of it’s annual sales. And by all means the American fascination for Chanel made for a warm welcome for the French brand. We will surely welcome a return, should they choose to host such an event again.

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