Technology Meets Fashion: The Apple Watch

By Louise Katzovitz


first picture  - watches

Apple is constantly coming out with innovative technology that is simple, sleek and light, and the Apple Watch is no exception. Arriving in April 2015, the Apple Watch is the first watch that can interface with your iPhone. It enables you to receive messages, calls and social media updates with a quick glance at your wrist. It is also a great fitness tool; it can measure your heart rate while the internal GPS can track your distance and speed for the most accurate recorded workouts. In addition to all these fancy features… it also tells time!


The first iPhone only had one color option. With each iPhone release, it has become increasing customizable with the iPhone 5C having color options rather than the standard silver or black. The Apple Watch has 38 different options, ranging in size, band style and face color. A variety of models are available from a Sport Watch, which come in fun bright colors. One of these watches, made of 8-Karat Rose Gold, is priced at a whopping $17,000. Having so many options proves that technology is not just for the sake of technology anymore.


As technology has improved over the decades, form over function has become an important goal for tech companies. Yes, we have the technology. Now, how do we make it pretty and marketable? Apple has been one of the top tech companies who is consistently building the bridge between technology and fashion. The Apple Watch is a great example of this; it even debuted in Vogue China! I was fearful that it would be a bit bulky, but the magazine showed that alongside the capabilities of the Watch, it is slender and chic enough for the average fashionista. I cannot wait to try it on!

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