PFW F/W 2015: Chanel

By Nathan Hewes


Not surprisingly Karl Lagerfeld managed to raise the bar of the fashion show experience just a bit higher for the Chanel Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. The creative director welcomed spectators from all over the world from the streets of Paris to what was likely the largest Brasserie in the city. Taking a novel approach for this season, the show had models doing more than just marching down the runway, but actually interacting with their surrounding environment—sitting down for a cup of tea or glass of champagne and chatting with fellow models, all while the rest of the show continued before them. It brought life to the otherwise stony faces that crowd the runways of Paris Fashion Week.

The show itself was opened and closed by Cara Delevingne, a recurring favorite of Mr. Lagerfeld, and sporting the signature do for the show as well. Models strolled into the brasserie in a vast number of ensembles, but all wearing the same pair of nude heels with black toes, a nice means of uniformity, though not necessarily the best means of showcasing ones collection of footwear. The show began heavy with knit and woven wool and cashmere looks, in check, plaid, and houndstooth, amongst a few other styles, and also featured a new and dynamic approach to puffer jackets. These trends dominated the first half of the show, though were occasionally interrupted by a few pieces that looked as if they the work of Gabrielle Chanel herself. The second half of the show had a much more mixed media palette, with looks featuring feathers, metallic-esque slacks, mosaic skirts, some more knit numbers, and a collection of elegant sheer blue dresses closing out.


While a number of pieces from the show seem like an updated version of the Spring and Summer 2015 collection that premiered last fall, there we also a great number of new looks that showcased the creative talents of Chanel’s leading gent. Merely looking at the standalone garments, you only get half the experience; as so much of the Chanel spectacle is in the details and the accessories. This attention to detail enabling the brands continued success and allowing Karl to confidently emerge at the end of each show and lead Chanel on to even bigger and more captivating ventures.

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