Zoolander Takes Over Valentino’s F/W 2015 Show

By Rachel Satell

Sources: vogue.com, E!Online, Huffington Post


Unless you’ve been in a fashion week induced coma for the last 2 weeks you know that two really, really, ridiculously good looking models closed the Fall/Winter 2015 Valentino Show. Derek Zoolander, pioneer of looks such as Le Tigre and Blue Steel, and his foe-turned-friend, Hansel, who’s so hot right now, appeared on the catwalk for the first time in nearly 13 years. The two walked side-by-side down Valentino’s runway and have certainly come a long way from their walk-off days. Derek looked particularly pleased with his perfect execution of the left turn, continuing to impress the world with his ambi-turner status. Later, the two posed with the Empress herself, Anna Wintour, cementing their fashion icon status.


We left the two devilishly handsome male models at the end of Zoolander in 2001, having just opened the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good complete with bass jumping classes taught by the man, the model, the legend, Hansel, after delays due to the originally proposed size of the school. Afterall, in order for the kids to learn they really must be able to fit inside the school. With Ben Stiller and Owen Wilsons’ reprisal of their Zoolander roles came the exciting announcement that we can look forward to Zoolander 2 in February, 2016.Anna-Wintour

We can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo has in store for us in 2016. Hanslander’s return to the catwalk is further proof that when fashion and Hollywood collide, magical things happen.

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