FW15 Dolce & Gabbana Ready-to-Wear Review

By Nathan Hewes

For their forthcoming fall and winter season, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana showcased a collection of elegant ensembles during Milan Fashion Week, and although much attention was given to the womenswear, much was also given to those modeling.  Taking a different approach for this show and line, the design duo decided to focus on family, specifically the beauty of maternity, giving women who are often overlooked by the fashion world, a reassured sense of importance.  Before a number of mothers and children perched at the head of the runway and the audience, models strolled casually down the runway, showing off each piece with simplicity and grace.  The show was heavy on a number of elements; roses, bejeweled headphones and gowns featuring charming drawings—reportedly done by children in the designer’s families, amongst others.  When the show was not providing fanciful images of motherhood, it was reminiscent of womenswear from the ’50s and ’60s—the designers being conservative in form, many dresses featuring long sleeves and high necks. Contrasted by the highly ornate selection of material and elaborate detailing in many pieces.  This combination allowing for a series beautifully intricate pieces, coming forth in a literal parade of roses with frequent references to mothers and affection for them.

While maternity may have taken center stage for the show, none of the ensembles make reference to domesticity, instead opting to capture an image of mothers as being powerful and highly sophisticated, yet loving.  As the complexity of designs varied throughout the show, with runs of lace, leather and furs interspersed, there was an eventual shift to the aforementioned series of dresses, with inspiration drawn from the next generation of the brands namesake, showcasing children’s artwork on the final pieces of the collection.  This highly nostalgic set of gowns leads up to the finale, where D&G chose to close the show with a ladies march in black down the runway, babies held lovingly in arms and children at hand—ladies in black and children in white.  An effective way of closing the show and leaving the chosen theme as a final thought for spectators.




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