Spring 2015 Menswear Trends

By Nathan Hewes

Sources: Collections by Bally, Berluti, Brioni, Burberry, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Jack Spade, J. Crew, Kent & Curwen, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Versace.

Menswear from every major fashion district seems more poised and confident than ever before. From calm colors, to bold patterns and prints and pieces that redefine the way we look at menswear, it is sure to be an exciting spring for fashion-forward men and haberdashers alike. Despite the plethora of different options coming to the market at the moment, there are a number of trends that we have seen throughout shows, across the internet, and on sales floors. Here are a few of our favorites:

Big League Blue


A staple color for many years, the color blue commands a powerful position this spring, with many designers creating numerous looks from an entirely blue palette. From chambray shirts, to suits and trench coats, the color has definitely been put to its potential this season.



Surprising or not, denim is here to stay for the spring and summer, as was proven early on by a number of houses. While many looks feature more traditional styling, a number go further to repurpose and reimagine the ways denim can be used. Regardless of being particularly maverick or not, a high percentage of looks seem to be clad almost exclusively of the material, giving many a cool, classic, and Americana vibe—with perhaps the exception of Christopher Bailey’s rabbit felt hats.

Neutral Shades


Yet another monochrome styling scheme incorporates light hues of grey, brown, and green along with cream and white to give a decidedly calm and relaxed look, perfect for an afternoon in town or a day out sailing.

Botanicals & Animals


While florals received ample exposure last year, they have returned for spring in a more refined and reassured manner. Flora and fauna have also expanded their horizons the encompass more than just shirts and baseball jackets. Now we have full blown suits, amongst other garments, plastered with such wildlife, and working just as well as the revered and most accepted haberdashery.

Loud Suiting

Loud Suiting

If you wish to wear a suit this spring because you feel like looking awesome, you might as well go for something bolder than your traditional black, grey or navy. Fresh from the runways, take notice of the gleaming shades of pink, red, blue, green, and orange and embrace them.

Striping Up


While there is nothing new about the usage of stripes in menswear, their applications for this season add excitement to what would otherwise be rather simple ensembles. The extent to which they are used varies drastically amongst different collections; many be daring, others far more conservative and some avoiding them altogether.

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