3 Days of Style: Co-Op Edition

By Jessica Fortier

What you wear speaks volumes. What you display to the public is how you are perceived. Statistics show that a first impression is made in just seven seconds. A smart businessperson will tell you, “It is all about the presentation.” While the presentation of a product or service is key to a sale, the presentation of the salesperson themselves is also a key factor. A polished presentation can send signals of respect, trustworthiness and reliability. A disheveled appearance can appear disorganized or lazy, therefore discrediting the individual. It is important to recognize that fashion choices are a reflection of personality.

Day 1:


For day 1, I wore a blue and black lace pencil skirt from Loft. I love the combination of navy blue and black. A pencil skirt is a work wardrobe staple as well as black tights and black flats. I paired the skirt with a comfortable black knit top. To brighten up the outfit and tie the colors together, I added a navy blue and teal statement necklace from J.Crew. Lastly, I threw on my go-to gold watch. A bold watch can instantly make a look put-together.

Day 2:


For day 2, I dressed up black skinny jeans with a black blazer from Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohl’s. To add some color, I added a fun floral and plaid printed top underneath the blazer. To keep the look simple and polished, I opted for my gold watch and classic black riding boots. Often times, an outfit’s appropriateness depends on the work environment. I work in a fairly casual work environment, so wearing black skinny jeans is completely acceptable. However, other work environments may call for dressier slacks or a pencil skirt.

Day 3:


By day 3, I sported another pencil skirt. This time, I opted for a plain black skirt with leather detailing. To bring some color to the office, I put on a purple jewel-toned shell underneath my casual salt-and-pepper blazer. Finishing off the look, I added a long diamond necklace from J.Crew.

Achieving a work appropriate wardrobe required investing in classic and quality pieces. I recommend buying a versatile pencil skirt, black flats, black tights, and a versatile blazer.

2 thoughts on “3 Days of Style: Co-Op Edition

  1. you’re gorgeous! you have an amazing sense of style too 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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