Links We Love: February 2015

By Stephanie Baladi

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Fashion Month is in full force, and with it come many polarizing shows, incredible street style, and plenty of new industry news. This week’s links are full of interviews with different designers and industry leaders, guaranteed to give you an interesting read while you are procrastinating studying for your midterms looming on the horizon.

Last week, came out with it’s first ever Model of the Year Industry Awards. Because there was an “Industry’s Choice” and “Readers’ Choice” for each category, the results were interesting and very telling about how different audiences think about who the industry’s top models are.

Perhaps the most talked about show so far this season has been Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas. He sat down with for an interview and it’s definitely worth it to check out his side of the story and to see where he was coming from with his designs.

Taking a bit of a different take on Kanye’s show, this article doesn’t exactly herald West as a creative genius for his decisions. Instead, the author calls into question West’s presentation and designs. Whether or not you loved the show, I think most of the reviews for it thus far from major news outlets have been overwhelmingly one-sided and it’s refreshing to see an opposing viewpoint.

This week, Kate Lanphear’s first issue as editor-in-chief of Maxim came out. Lanphear was formerly a style director at Elle, so I was excited to see what she would bring to the magazine. Lanphear has said that it’s her hope to make the very male-centric magazine more female-friendly. I appreciate the idea, and I look forward to seeing how she tries to accomplish this, but I think Maxim has solidified itself as a men’s magazine in the minds of consumers. What are your thoughts?

This interview with Brandee Brown was an eye-opening read – the model speaks about her experience as a black woman in the industry with natural hair.

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