2015 Oscar’s Best & Worst Dressed

By Jessica Fortier
Photos from glam.my, people.premiere.fr, dailystar.co.uk, pinterest.com, nydailynews.com, gagadaily.com, huffingtonpost.ca, mtv.com, stylevitae.com, thegloss.com


Rosamund Pike

Oscars 2015 - RED CARPET YES! This was my favorite red carpet look. I am always a fan of a bold red dress on the carpet. Red is a common color choice for the red carpet, but Rosamund Pike stands out from the crowd in this perfectly tailored gown. Showing off her amazing post-baby figure, Rosamund dons this classic curve hugging silhouette. The curved scalloped neckline offers a different spin on a more stereotypical sweatheart strapless neckline, while the slit provides just the right amount of leg.

Jennifer Aniston

2Jennifer Aniston tends to work an effortless look. She doesn’t fret about a stiff hairdo and normally keeps it casual with a sleek blowout or straightened locks. Jen keeps it simple, donning minimal accessories and thin strappy heels. This allows the dress to shine with literal and figurative sparkles.

Emma Stone
3This Ellie Saab chartreuse beaded gown is reminiscent of the 1920s and The Great Gatsby. Emma looks like a true Hollywood starlet. She channels the 1920s and sports finger waves with a bright coral lip instead of a traditional red.

Dorith Mous
4This little number is quite the stunner. This is an example of a fashion statement. The fierce red trained dress with a bold slit speaks power. Dorith follows the timeless rule of fashion: if you show a lot of leg, keep the top calm and vice versa. With the dramatic slit and neck-breaking heels, she maintains a higher neckline and covered arms.

Jamie Chung
5Nude, navy, and purple tones collaborate beautifully together. The nude colored under-layer provides an airy whimsical feel to the details of the gown and serves as the perfect backdrop for the sparkly embellishments, making them look like fireworks in a gorgeous midnight sky.


Lady Gaga
6Gaga, what are you doing? No one seems to know the answer. Why is she wearing rubber gloves on the red carpet? Maybe she forgot to take her gloves off after cleaning her toilet before heading to the Oscars, or maybe she is an undercover superhero? Not to mention, the boxy gown is so ill fitted, that the arms are reminiscent of a baggy hospital jonnie.

Scarlett Johansson
87th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsThe matching choker statement necklace put a Versace dress to shame. The necklace puts the choke in choker. While the tight dress shows off Scarlett’s fabulous body, the look is too stiff and it looks like poor Scarlett can’t breathe!

Jared Leto
8This is a case of caveman meets wedding singer. The white satin shirt, pastel suit, and white shoes would be far more fitting if he were performing in a wedding band. Also, would it kill him to shave and cut his hair? This pains me because his eyes are beautiful and he has so much potential.

Solange Knowles
9Solange might as well be skydiving because she already looks like she is wearing a parachute. This does not do her figure any justice! Solange is swallowed by a sea of overwhelming red fabric.

Lorelei Linklater????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It makes me sad to put her on the worst dressed list because I loved her performance in Boyhood, but too much is going on here. This looks gives me a headache because there are too many conflicting angles, fabrics, and lines. If a dress contains a bold slit, the rest of the dress should be kept simple in order to showcase the slit. Instead, the eye is attacked by a swarm of distracting sheer panels and cherry blossoms. In addition, this dress is a tad bit mature for her age. Starring in a movie about childhood, she probably shouldn’t be in such a rush to grow up.

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