2015 Grammy’s Best & Worst Dressed

By Amanda Slomovitz
Photos from grammys.com

The Grammy’s red carpet is almost better than the Grammy’s themselves, especially if you are looking for some amazing style inspiration. However, you have to be careful not to steal the looks from the celebrities who did not seem to get it quite right. Here are some of the 2015 Grammy’s best and worst dressed celebs.



There aren’t many people who could pull off that dress, but Rihanna is certainly one of them. Her look definitely made a bold statement on the red carpet, but she kept her hair and makeup simple so it wasn’t too over the top.

Taylor Swift:463020596

Taylor looked sophisticated as always in a gorgeous teal gown. Her blue-hued look was complemented perfectly by her fuchsia heels and statement earrings.


Although Haim is technically a band and not a person, the three sisters rocked their first appearance on the Grammy’s red carpet. They each had a completely different look, but matched together beautifully.



One would think that Madonna wouldn’t feel the need to try so hard on the red carpet, but this look proves otherwise. Her outfit came across as tacky and definitely did not make the statement she was hoping for.

Iggy Azalea:463029262

Although her dress wasn’t terrible, Iggy Azalea’s hairstyle was part of the reason she made the worst dressed list. The milkmaid braid gone wrong paired with a bland gown? No thank you.

Charlie XCX:463010968

Charlie’s poorly tailored white suit paired with a pink fur shawl and hot pink bowtie ultimately ended up looking a bit ridiculous. If she lost the pink accents and tailored the suit properly, this ensemble could’ve had some real potential.

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