Kanye West x Adidas Collab

By Emma Haddad

Pictures: Style.com

Sources: style.com, businessinsider.com, and yahoo.com

From performing at the Grammys for the first time in seven years to his customary intrusion (where he stole another artist’s moment to reap the rewards of their hard earned success), Kanye West is everywhere.

This past Thursday, Kanye appeared again, this time debuting his highly anticipated collection with Adidas.  As critics and admires prepared to view the runway show, Kanye shocked the people again by having transformed the stage into what resembled army barracks.

In ever way possible, Kanye tried to dismantle the traditions that many spectators are accustomed to seeing during New York Fashion Week.  A late start to the “Yeezy: Season 1” show was followed by a flawed voiceover in which Kanye expressed his aspirations and visions for transforming the world of fashion.

Much like the goal of his collection with Adidas, he wanted the show to be simplistic, unlike the expectations that come with a high-end runway.  His army of models, who ranged in height, ethnicity and size, stood stoically in rows looking drained of all energy as his new song “Wolves” echoed throughout the venue.

As each row of models approached the crowd, the lighting was turned to max intensity, allowing the audience to see the military-inspired street wear. According to Kanye, he wanted to design clothing pieces that would be easily interchangeable, creating a sleek look in light of a fast pace day. He drew inspiration from his own busy life saying he has, “no time to look in the mirror because I’m looking at my daughter, I’m looking at my wife.”

Although critics were not impressed with West’s attempts to be a fashion designer, the sheer numbers speak for themselves. On Feb. 14th, 9,000 pairs of the grey suede high-tops known, a.k.a. “750 Boots”, were to be sold at the Adidas store in downtown New York City. Within minutes, reservations to buy the $350 shoes were already filled. The brand is expecting more success to come when another round of limited shoes hit stores worldwide on Feb. 28th.

Currently, there is no set release date, as West and Adidas are working to adjust the pricing so the collection will available to all. Nevertheless, we hope to see the collection online within the next three to four months at the latest.




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