Save Stylishly: Blizzard Edition

By Amanda Slomovitz
Photos from:,

The lack of Monday classes is about the only good thing this winter has brought to Boston. Each snowstorm brings a loss of hope that summer will ever return. That being said, here are some warm clothes that will not empty your wallet on the days when classes are not cancelled and you are forced to leave your warm bed in exchange for snow piles taller than you are.

When it comes to coat shopping for this snowy winter, warmth is essential. Although puffy jackets aren’t the most flattering, they get the job done and keep you from freezing on your way to class. Canada Goose not your thing? There’s no reason you must splurge on a good coat. Stores like H&M and Forever21 have some on sale for under $50.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.00.45 PM

An oversized blanket scarf is the closest thing to a real blanket you’ll be leaving the room with and it makes the perfect layering piece on cold days. Blanket scarves also come in plenty of different colors and patterns to go with any outfit or puffy jacket you plan to wear. Let’s face it, you are going to need a scarf pretty much every day this winter.image1xxl-1

Rain boots are essential on snowy days because they’ll keep your clothes and feet from getting wet when you’re trudging through puddles trying to cross Huntington Avenue. Pair them with tall, warm socks and you have some makeshift snow boots that won’t cost a fortune.


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