Speaker Recap: Aman Advani of Ministry of Supply

By Christine Kopera
Photos: Fashion & Retail Society 10959312_10152969881227860_186972868825252015_n_Fotor_CollageAman Advani, co-founder and president of Ministry of Supply, came to talk to the Northeastern’s Fashion and Retail Society this week to enlighten our members on the founding of his business and how his company is addressing the gap in performance formal wear for men.

Advani obtained his undergraduate degree at Georgia Institute of Technology in Systems Engineering and started his career consulting for Deloitte US. and then attended the MIT Sloan School of Management.

While working as a consultant for Deloitte, Advani did a lot of traveling right after which he would work long hours at his office. After spending several hours stuck in his suit, he would long for the comfort of his workout gear, which gave him the idea of creating Ministry of Supply. Advani wanted to address his own complaints and those of men with similar experiences, who have to spend a lot of time in formal wear. He has created what he calls “performance professional”, a blend between formal silhouettes and activewear functionality.

Advani describes their target customer as a customer without age, because Ministry of Supply emphasizes a scientific approach to dressing. They describe their customer as someone who, like them, applies science to fashion, and sees sweat stains or smelly feet as a problem that can be solved with simple technical applications. Through the use of CNC knitting, laser cutting, omni stretch, and RADIATORtech, Ministry of Supply is trying to address the problem areas men have without compromising style and comfort.

Ministry of Supply gained coverage through features in The New York Times and The Today Show. The company continues to expand their product line and recently opened their first storefront in Chicago, IL. “A lot of it’s serendipitous”, said Advani when asked about the direction he would like to take his business, but surely any opportunity that falls into their lap will be a great success.

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