How To Achieve The Metropolitan Look / Male Version

By Adam Ali

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The metropolitan look is not that hard to attain: in fact, you only need a few key pieces and you’ll be ready to go. The real secret is to stay consistent with colors (black, white and grey) and have a really slim fit garments. Keep it simple and sleek. If you want to change it up, just mix the textures and rotate your pants every once in a while.

White Button Down Shirt

It is very important that the shirt is slim, fitted and crisp. The shirt is going to be tucked in and  fully exposed for the most part. When you become more comfortable with the look, then you can start layering some sweaters on top.


Slim Black Denim Jeans

Again, it is very important that the denim is slim (it doesn’t have to be a 15.5cm leg opening but it should around that measure). It will look fantastic, you’re just have to have to trust me on this one.60b6c9cf8e14268818a6d7c1cd09c0b5_Fotor_Collage

Chunky Shoes

Combat soled brogues, Chelsea boots, sleek minimal sneakers (think common projects). I am personally more into the teddy-boy look, so I would go for creepers. It’s up to you to decide!04f2a69e910b3db7d6a4bffdc881fc0a_Fotor_Collage


The choice is yours: plain wool, herringbone, speckled, black, grey – whatever you want. I would go with single breasted coat, but again, it’s you who makes the decision here!


Thin Leather Belt

Since your shirt will be tucked in, you need to have something on your waist. Go with a minimal hardware thin leather belt and you’ll be golden.


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