Op-Ed: Tiffany & Co. Launches First Engagement Ad with Same Sex Couple

By Stephanie Baladi

Picture: Adweek.com


Tiffany & Co. joined the ranks of Banana Republic, Gap, J.Crew and many more by featuring a same-sex couple in their new “Will You?” campaign. The real-life couple photographed for the ad explained that they are “part of a push from the brand to show divers love stories”. In addition to including a same-sex couple, the campaign also depicted a couple on their wedding day with their child, as it is becoming more and more common for couples to have children outside of marriage.

A spokeswoman for Tiffany & Co. has said that this campaign is embracing that “the road to marriage is no longer linear”. It’s nice to see that brands as iconic and established as Tiffany’s are able to recognize that. Society is starting to stray away from the “traditional” and ads need to be reflective of that. Personally, when I thought of Tiffany’s the word “progressive” never really sprang to mind, so I was pleasantly surprised by this campaign. I can only hope that this opens the eyes of other brands and retailers and urges them to be more inclusive when creating their own ads.

The other photos in the campaign featured couples in different romantic settings, together at home on the couch, at a rooftop wedding, driving in a convertible, and walking through rainy city streets. Overall, this campaign was a fantastic step for Tiffany’s – a brand that usually makes their jewelry the spotlight of the ad and rarely features models. But when Tiffany’s does it, they do it right.

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