Links We Love: Week of Jan. 25, 2015

By Stephanie Baladi


There’s one word that can sum up the majority of the fashion news this week and that’s “Kardashian”. Whether you love that this eclectic family has placed themselves right in the middle of the fashion world or subscribe to the camp that they have no place on covers and in campaigns, they’re pretty unavoidable. One thing’s for sure: these girls are sure to guarantee a few laughs (or maybe a couple of eye-rolls) With this week’s blizzard quickly approaching it’s time to turn up the heater, get under your blanket and curl up with this week’s articles.

Cara Delevingne (another polarizing force in the fashion world) and Kim Kardashian are the cover models for the upcoming issue of LOVE magazine. An earlier sneak peek for the issue featured Delevingne and Kardashian’s younger half-sister, Kendall Jenner.

Speaking of Kendall, the first look of her new Estee Lauder campaign came out last week. What are your thoughts on the shots?

And in even more Jenner news, the photos from her campaign for Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake brand came out this week. Jenner wasn’t exactly a surprising choice for the ad – Lagerfeld has featured her heavily in his Chanel shows since her debut.

Of all the recent campaigns to come out, my personal favorite has to be Karen Walker’s summer eyewear campaign that features the best model to come out of Instagram in a while – Toast, the dog.

The way people wear makeup went through a major change in 2014 – while nail polish sales saw a drop, there was a steady increase in lip and eye products. Beauty trends are focusing on a bold face, typically making the nails an afterthought.

Even though we wish winter would be over soon, the sad truth is that we’ve got at least another month of this left. To help you get through these next coming weeks, check out this article for tips on how to save your dry, chapped lips!


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