Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein

By Emma Haddad
Photos from petapixel.com, thefashionisto.com

beforeafter1Justin Bieber pulled a Kim Kardashian earlier this month by “breaking the Internet” when his alleged un-retouched Calvin Klein photos surfaced on the web. Although his spring campaign is the center of great debate and ridicule, no one is laughing harder than Calvin Klein. The popular brand has gained even more recognition thanks to Bieber, acquiring 3.6 million followers across all of its social media accounts since the big reveal of the pictures. Bieber’s “buldge” or lack thereof has proven that it holds more power than Kardashian’s naked body, having at least 1.6 million mentions of the hashtag #mycalvins , a whopping 5 times more than Kardashian’s endeavor to #breaktheinternet.

Rather than using a model with a clean image, Calvin Klein chose Bieber, who has had less than a perfect track record in this past year. This seems to have been the most ingenious ad campaign in quite a while. Calvin Klein’s collaboration has successfully generated a great deal of buzz, not only among the “Beliebers”, but also his haters. The leaked un-retouched photos have only added fuel to the fire, and the talk doesn’t show any signs of dying down anytime soon, regardless of Bieber’s threats to file for legal action.


Considering its success, we should be prepared to see more use of Calvin Klein’s marketing tactic in the future with other global brands. This may be the beginning of many controversial stars’ comeback career. Justin Bieber is proof to the market that there is no such thing as bad press.

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