Links We Love: Week of January 19th

By Jessica Fortier
Photos from,,

Surfing through fashion blogs gives us inspiration for new outfits, provides ideas for new color palettes, classic investment pieces and emerging trends. The beauty of looking at bloggers is not about copying their exact looks, but finding bits and pieces of inspiration in each outfit. Here are three fashion bloggers that are sure to become your new favorites!

1. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of both classic and trendy, is your girl! This blogger sure knows how to switch up outfits for a totally different look – you can gather a list of timeless staples and trendy accessories from her blog.

12. If you are a true New England prep, your heart will scream for, because she most likely owns your dream clothing collection: J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and LL Bean. This is one of the few style bloggers that knows how to dress up for cold weather, showing us that bundling up can still be fashionable.

23. This international photographer based in Milan not only has an amazing Instagram account, but an even more impressive fashion blog. You can find her incredible photographs at Not only does she capture her own style, but the style of others attending fashion week across the globe too. Visit her page for a sense of true sophistication stemming from the heart of the fashion world: Italy.


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