Sophia Amoruso Steps Down as a CEO of Nasty Gal

By Rachel Satell
Photos from PR Newswire
Nasty Gal Sophia and ShereeSophia Amoruso, founder, CEO and a resident #GIRLBOSS extraordinaire of announced earlier this month that she would be stepping down as CEO of the hugely popular online clothing retailer. Amoruso will continue to play an active part in the day to day operations of Nasty Gal, acting as the executive chairman of the brand as well as have a large hand in the creative and branding offices of Nasty Gal, which she has become so famous for. The former dumpster diver, now published author and successful business badass, has become synonymous with both the brand she has created and female empowerment in the business world so often dominated by men and will continue to represent the company.

Sophia herself made the decision to hand over her title as CEO to Sheree Waterson, a retail veteran. She first started considering Sheree as a potential successor to her retail throne when she hired the former Executive Vice President and CPO of Lululemon in February 2014.  Amoruso experienced huge economic and even physical growth with Nasty Gal, opening their first physical store in Los Angeles in 2014. However, the brand’s main #girlboss felt that she lacked the operational knowledge she needed to guide Nasty Gal into future. In an interview with Re/code Waterson said, “I actually see myself as support to Sophia so we can unleash her genius…Taking over the operation of the company allows Sophia to be out and connecting the brand with our customer and all the other amazing people she meets.”

Waterson and the Nasty Gal team are prepared to focus on managing margins rather than top-line growth after experiencing it’s most tempestuous year yet. Nasty Gal had a serious slowing down in growth in 2014 and had to lay off 10% of it’s workforce this past summer. With the experienced Waterson at the helm, Nasty Gal is hoping to recapture the success it has achieved in the last several years.

As Amoruso once said, “bad bitches are taking over the world.” I for one cannot wait to see what this team of bad bitches will dream up next for Nasty Gal.

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