3 Days of Style: Saiyara M.

By Saiyara Mahmud
Photos: Sangjukta Sen Roy

Name: Saiyara Mahmud
Major: Finance and Economics
My style in 3 words: Sophisticated, chic, preppy

Commencement of spring classes means one must go through a seasonal wardrobe transition, so pack away those chiffon shirts and ballerina pumps because ladies, it’s wintertime! That being said, it’s quite easy to end up looking like a haphazard snow-woman because let’s face it, it’s absolutely impossible to look your best when you’re all bundled up. Some of us surrender to our puffers and parkas and don’t bother dressing up. But when you’re in the business school and everyone’s dressed well, you don’t want to look miserable once you take that jacket off.

9089897899Day 1: When I’m running late for classes I tend to enter a state of oblivion as soon as I open my closet and try synchronizing what I’m going to wear for the day. I don’t want to overdo it so I try starting with a basic slim fit shirt and pairing it with vertical stripe leggings to give the illusion of longer legs. Now, I don’t want to walk outside without my favorite woolen accessories so I quickly grab the first hat and scarf that matches and run off to class. But accessorizing does not end there; I love pairing my outfits with shiny watches and earrings to give it that flare.
(Shirt: Banana Republic / Leggings: Papaya / Scarf and Beanie: H&M / Boots: Aerosoles / Earrings: J.Crew / Watch: Armani Exchange)

9089989889Day 2: On less colder days, dressing up can feel more gratifying, especially because you have the option of omitting a jacket from your look. But still, keep one with you because it always gets cold in Boston, for real. I start my look with a white shirt and basic black leggings to give the look a timeless impression. The reason I chose such basic colors is because I wanted my maroon scarf to be the highlight. It’s the perfect color for winter and an absolute style statement. However, I am never content with my look if I am not wearing something shiny so I paired my gold earrings with a crystal bangle to bring the bling. Beige booties seemed like the perfect fit to complement the overall look I was trying to portray.
(Shirt: Calvin Klein / Leggings: Wet Seal / Scarf: Forever 21 / Booties: Aerosoles / Earrings and bangle: Swarovski)

9089089080Day 3: I don’t always match my shirts with the color of the walls, but when I do it’s usually pretty fabulous! This look justifies the preppy facade of my style – a royal blue coat combined with a yellow chiffon blouse and a lace neck. To complement the intensity of the coat I wore dark jeans because black just seemed too overwhelming. It felt highly appropriate to wear a gold watch to harmonize with the golden zippers and clips on the coat. As for the earrings, it’s the same shade of blue and gold as the coat so it’s a perfect match! The earrings play a great part in elongating my neck which seemed fitting since zipping the jacket conceals most of it. There you have it, business casual!
(Coat: Michael Kors / Blouse: Forever 21 / Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch / Gloves: Lord and Taylor / Earrings: Express / Watch: Kate Spade / Boots: Aerosoles)

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