Links We Love: December 7, 2014

Photos: @avantblargh via Instagram

I think it’s fair to say that the gloomy weather is a pretty accurate representation of how every student on campus is feeling. Hopefully, you received enough Starbucks gift cards for no apparent reason and are using them all up while prepping for finals. So take a break from studying and look through this week’s Links We Love!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.58.43 PM

  1. It’s that time of year again, but I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. The big holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means—gifts on gifts on gifts. Take a look at these personalized gifts for that special someone, favorite sibling or your parents. [12 Personalized Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With,]
  1. Besides bringing about the constant urge to drink hot chocolate, winter also brings dry skin and chapped lips for days. If you’re sick of constantly having to reapply moisturizer and chapstick, check out this tutorial that has some good tips for keeping your skin less dry. [How to Take Care of Your Skin During Winter,]
  1. Since it’s universally known that college students are broke, buying gifts for friends and family can be tricky. Here are some beauty gifts that are $20 or less that you might actually be able to afford. Some of these finds look pretty cool, like peppermint coffee scrub… [Under-$20 Beauty Gifts That Don’t Suck, Refinery29]
  1. It looks like the CFDA is considering having a menswear-only fashion week sometime (hopefully) soon. I have no objections, so please, CFDA, make it happen. [The CFDA is Considering Hosting a Menswear-Only New York Fashion Week,]
  1. If you could dress like one celebrity for a week, who would it be? While you ponder this incredibly deep question, take a look at how this writer dressed like Miley Cyrus for a week. She managed to find some of Miley’s more conservative get-ups and actually did a pretty good job. [I Dressed Like Miley Cyrus For a Week,]
  1. If you’re a lady going shopping, it’s probably normal for you to think, “Oh, I should only be shopping in the women’s department because, after all, I’m a lady.” WRONG. There are some things that might be smarter to buy in the men’s department, like sweaters, socks and even boyfriend jeans. [8 Things You Should Really be Buying in the Men’s Department,]
  1. Let the slew of holiday parties begin, because ugly (and by ugly, I mean awesome) Christmas sweaters and sequined dresses need their time to shine. What better way to let them than with sugar cookies and eggnog? These holiday outfits are definitely way out of my budget, but at the very least, they are inspiring. So take a look at them, and maybe you’ll garner some new inspiration for your holiday attire this season. [10 Party Pieces, Refinery29]
  1. I’m a sucker for horoscopes. It’s actually the first thing I check in the morning, even before the weather. If you’re a believer, you should read these horoscopes because they are truly funny. [Ho-Ho-Horoscopes,]
  1. Art, design and parties all converged in Miami this weekend at Art Basel. With a combo like that, you can only imagine that the street style was pretty cool. Check out’s coverage of cool outfits that stood out in the already-colorful city of Miami. [Street Style at Art Basel in Miami Beach,]
  1. If you didn’t know, Pantone announced their color of 2015: marsala! But not chicken marsala. It’s more like a brownish-red color that’s actually quite pretty. So find out how to incorporate the famous color into your wardrobe right now. [25 Ways to Wear the Official Color of 2015 Right Now,]

Thank you, Sarah Darrow, for writing our weekly Links We Love posts! Good luck after graduation and stay stylish 🙂

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