Links We Love: November 30, 2014

Photos: @daveswift01 via Instagram

Happy post-Thanksgiving, everyone. While reminiscing on your food babies and time spent with family and friends would be great, we all know what’s coming for us: finals, final papers, final projects, etc. Sorry to rub it in, but avoiding the truth only makes things worse. I know when I’m in the middle of writing a long paper, a coffee break — and a mental break — is needed every few errors. So let your cup of Joe keep you company while you peruse this week’s Links We Love!


  1. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but if there’s one thing to watch it for, it’s the costumes. Read about how these wacky costumes come to life in this article on the man behind the clothes. [How the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Costumes Come to Life,]
  1. It’s crazy to think that the Olsen twins used to rock overalls on “Full House” and actually used to smile with their teeth. Now, they’re just fearless fashion mavens who pull of some seriously questionable fashions in the best way possible. [18 Fashion Don’ts the Olsen Twins Made Doable, Refinery29]
  1. One thing every college student has in common is Netflix. Stay in the know with this list of December releases and you’ll see that Christmas has come early. Let’s just say that “Almost Famous” and “Love Actually” are among them… [Behold: Netflix’s December Releases,]
  1. You know those days when you just feel like wearing an animal print shirt with a plaid skirt, bright blue tights and a fur vest? Well, maybe it’s not that exact combination, but it’s something along those lines. Check out these 30 mental comebacks for when people question your print mixing and outfit choices. [30 Mental Comebacks for When People Don’t “Get” Your Outfit, Refinery29]
  1. Wearing makeup is super overrated. It takes forever to put on (if you’re trying to make it look good, of course) and then you have to deal with taking it off. While I am a sucker for a bold lip and the occasional wingtip, I tend to go au naturel. And I don’t mean makeup that makes it look like I’m going au naturel, but actually not wearing any makeup. Leandra Medine isn’t much for the makeup thing either, and her take on the matter is a worthwhile read. [Why I Don’t Wear Makeup,]
  1. Whoever said shopping isn’t a proper workout probably has never done serious shopping before. I can attest to sore arms and raised heart rates, especially after lugging around multiple bags and taking the stairs instead of the escalator. These pictures from Black Friday shopping prove that someone should win a gold medal for the sport of shopping. [30 Black Friday Snaps That Prove Shopping is a Sport, Refinery29]
  1. If you relish your long locks of hair, then look through these adorable celebrity bobs. I swear, you’ll want one for yourself. So go ahead and make that haircut appointment. Hey, if Emma Stone can do it, so can you. [28 Celebrities Who Made 2014 the Year of the Bob,]
  1. If you haven’t noticed, photoshopping is far too popular when it comes to magazines and and those pictures of models you see when online shopping. While it’s become a norm in society, there are some companies, like ModCloth, that are actively going against it. Read here to find out what the quirky company has agreed to do! [ModCloth Just Signed an Anti-Photoshopping Pledge,]

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