Valentino x Man Repeller Event Recap

By Yana Sybiga

Photos by Yana Sybiga

Even the combination of Valentino and The Man Repeller is invigorating in itself. Valentino, a renowned luxury brand, teamed up with Leandra Medine, one of the top fashion personalities in the world, to host an event at the Boston Valentino boutique. Fashionistas throughout Boston eagerly packed the store to meet the author and fashion blogger.

Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller came to Valentino soon after the event began. The blogger walked into the store inValentino skirt and booties, striped sweater and several pieces of fine jewelry, half of which were from her brother’s jewelry line, Khai Khai. She friendly greeted everyone personally, paying attention to everyone and never refusing to take a selfie. She was truly interested to learn where everyone came from and about our passions. Attendees could not help but say, “I love your work/I love what you do/You are amazing,” causing Medine to blush and give a sincere thank you. I also got a chance to talk to Leandra and exchange a couple of words about Russian and Ukrainian it-girls (whom she, of course, knew personally), her #inthemoodfor videos and her plans for the next post on her blog. After this short and pleasant conversation, she signed our books, took a group picture and then continued to spread her radiance and charm onto the other anxious college students waiting to do the same.

The event was a wonderful place to socialize with fellow Boston fashion lovers and get a preview Valentino’s SS15 Resort collection. After I posted a photo with Leandra on Instagram, I received an immediate comment from Valentino saying “♥♥♥”. Yes, Valentino, it was very lovely indeed.

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