Save Stylishly: Jacket Edition

By Amanda Slomovitz


It’s that time of the year again when the weather just can’t seem to make up its mind. Some days you can walk outside with a light fall jacket and others you feel like even your heaviest winter coat won’t keep you warm. With the need for all different types of jackets there’s no reason to spend a ton of money on just one. Here are a few options all under $100 to make sure you have a jacket for any condition the weather throws at you.

Faux Leather:

Not only is a faux leather jacket is perfect to change up an otherwise plain outfit, it’s the best way to keep warm on a fall day. A faux leather jacket is also a great piece for layering because you can wear it with a t-shirt on warmer days or throw it on over a long sleeve shirt and an open flannel on a chillier day.

Forever 21 $24.80Forever 21, $24.80

HM $69.95H&M, $69.95


Parka is good for staying warm on a cold day that isn’t really cold enough to pull out that knee length puffer coat. Parka is heavier than a faux leather jacket, but still looks cute. These jackets are very versatile and come in a number of colors and materials.

H&M $59.95H&M, $59.95

Zara $79.90Zara, $79.90

Puffer Jacket:

A good quality puffer jacket can be something to splurge on in a place as cold as Boston, but if you’re someone who likes to change things up every year, a cheaper alternative is a good way to make sure you are not tied to the same jacket for the next few years. A lot of puffer jackets look the same, so the most important thing is to make sure it’ll keep you warm on the coldest of days.

Forever 21 $27.80Forever 21, $27.80

Zara $59.99Zara, $59.99

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