Links We Love: November 23, 2014

Photos: celinesdolls, via Instagram

The day has come to pull out the loose-fitting dresses and your largest pair of jeans because it’s time, my friends. Whether or not you’re heading home for the holiday or staying in Boston for a Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving is not only a time to practice your eating skills, but also to pull out the autumn color palette and spend time with your friends, family and that quirky cousin. In between courses, take a breather to read this week’s Links We Love!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.18.59 PM

  1. Need tips on how to travel in style? Learn how not to look like a slob with these cute outfit ideas. [How to Travel During the Holidays Without Looking Like You’re Miserable,]
  2. Diane von Furstenberg has definitely done a lot of things right in her life. Read on to learn more about what this famous designer has accomplished and is still working on like a boss. [Must-Know Career Advice from DVF, Refinery29]
  3. Have you been dying to find Jay-Z and Beyoncé friendship necklaces? Or maybe you want a Lil Wayne dish towel? Well, here is a list of hip hop gifts that will be perfect for you or your hip hop-loving friends. [25 Cute Hip Hop Gifts That True Fans Need in Their Lives, Buzzfeed]
  4. It’s official — there is a Nasty Gal store in Hollywood. So when you become rich and famous, or just feel like taking a trip out there, check it out. [Nasty Gal Melrose is Open,]
  5. Not everyone can be a party girl. We also can’t always be in the mood to party. So if you ever feel like the anti-party girl, here are some cool pieces to get you in the mood, or at least help you get through a few free cocktails and small talk. [Outfit Tips for the Anti-Party Girl, Refinery29]
  6. If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, then you’ve got to check out the show’s pre-Rihanna, Bruno Mars, etc. days. Just know that high-waisted underwear is involved. [This is What the First Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows Looked Like, Buzzfeed]
  7. J.Crew is a glorious place. It’s filled with jackets, necklaces and shoes I can’t afford, which always results in me leaving empty-handed. If you suffer from the same dilemma, read this amusing article on the emotional stages of “shopping” at J.Crew. [The 8 Emotional Stages of Shopping at J.Crew,]
  8. If you’re ready to wake up at 5 am on Black Friday (or let’s be real, at 1 pm), then take a look at the best Black Friday sales so you’re somewhat prepared. [19 Things That are Absolutely Worth Buying on Black Friday,]

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