Girls’ Takes on Guys’ Bags

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson 

For many guys, pockets are all that is needed to hold a phone, a wallet, keys and who knows what else. But the moment men pull out their bags, women are looking. These two ladies let us know what they are thinking when they see a guy with his bag:

Messenger Bag

Messenger bag

“The Louis Vuitton is pretty modern and stylized, and I love the classic Damier where it can fit all generations and won’t make people feel feminine either.” –DanDan Zhang, senior, finance

“I like the messenger because it gives the guy a chic look. I guess it has a type of style?” –Stephanie Tan, junior, biology

Man Clutch

“I get it for fashion purposes. It fits the overall style and the color, but I barely see a guy walking around with a clutch. It would be a bit weird if I see a guy carrying it around; it’s pretty much like carrying nothing.” –Zhang

“I think our society associates the clutch too much with a female, and unfortunately, I do that, too. It’s why I don’t like the clutch the most. And honestly, I’ve never liked clutches because they’re inconvenient.” -Tan


“The briefcase is more like the ’80s style, but it fits well with men’s suits. The bags have a nice round shape, and the look of the material of the bags is a great feature.” -Zhang

“The briefcase is nice. It looks professional, and the guys are more mature.” -Tan


“As for the backpack, again I like the LV Damier, so have the same opinion here as the first one.” -Zhang

“For the backpack, it looks attractive because it provides a studious look, and it’s hip, as well, for people who like to travel.” -Tan


“The Louis Vuitton bag is so cool, love it. Nothing else to say.” –Zhang

“My favorite style for a man would be the carryall because the style is elegant and not feminine-like.” -Tan

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