Best Dressed: 2014 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards

By: Jessica Fortier

Sources: Glamour, Glamour UK

1 (1)

Keri Russell rocks this leather pantsuit, straying from the typical dress on a red

carpet. This edgy look did not go unnoticed. All it took to take this look to the next

level was the pop of orange on both the pantsuit and her lips. Keri stands out

among the crowd in this sleek look, while looking effortlessly chic.

2 (1)

Karli Kloss dons a beautifully embroidered dress. She remains classy, showing

off just the right amount of skin in a deep neckline and cutout side panels. Taking

a tip from her friend, Taylor Swift, she opts for a classic red lip to tie the look

together. The gorgeous and delicate embroidery, as well as the silky clutch seem

to be inspired by an Oriental design.

3 (1)

Ophelia Lovibond wore a vintage 1960s Balenciaga dress. The combination of

navy blue and black are unexpected because the colors go against the traditional

rules of color and fashion. She shows people that navy blue and black are colors

that should be paired together, not separated.

4 (1)

Helen Mirren is the perfect example of class. She dresses age-appropriate, while

still looking fashion forward. The beautiful lace detailing is tasteful and timeless,

while the contrasting dot pattern is modern and edgy.

5 (1)

Alexa Chung keeps it minimal with her jewelry and lets her dress speak for itself.

Her dress is classic, but with twist. The sheer patterned panel adds a bit of

interest to an otherwise boring dress. This British editor of Vogue certainly knows

how to work the LBD.

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