Guys’ Takes on Girls’ Bags

By: Jessica Fortier

A purse can serve as two things: a fashion statement or a practical place to store items due to the abnormally small size of pockets in female clothing. Some purses are timeless, while others are conformingly trendy. We talked with two guys from Northeastern University to ask their opinion on three major purse trends among college girls: Longchamp tote bags, Coach wristlets and crossbody bags.

Longchamp Tote Bag:


“I think they are useful. They are durable and you can fit a lot in the bag. I also think they are pretty elegant.” – Will, sophomore, business major

“I see a lot of girls using them for book bags, so I think they are versatile and useful.” – Ben, sophomore, health science major

Coach Wristlets:


“You are buying a brand name and not much else.” – Will

“Girls put their cards and ID in there, but don’t want to carry the wristlet, so they throw it in another purse. Therefore, it is purse-ception. It’s stupid.” – Ben

Crossbody Bag:


“I think they are good for going out because you don’t have to hold it and you can just have it freely on your body.” – Will

“It’s like a pants pocket that you wear around your body.” – Ben

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