Save Stylishly: Beauty Edition

By Andrea Barriga

As tempting as it may seem to buy cosmestics from NARS or MAC, the reality is that we are college students. The luxury of buying expensive brands is out the window, and purchasing affordable but good quality makeup is in. This is where CVS and the infinite possibilities of well-priced cosmetics come into play. Below is a list of basic necessities, but don’t let this stop you from finding eye shadows, bronzers and concealers at great prices!



Mascara is a must-have in your cosmetic bag, but don’t worry over the price. Brands like Maybelline or L’Oréal are great and get the job done. Fun Fact: if you have a bronzer, you can you use it as eye shadow. It has double purpose, so you can save up your dollars!

Price: $5.99

Eye Liner

eye liner

This L’Oréal eye liner will compliment the mascara and bring a finished look to your eyes. There are options that vary from liquid eye liners to carbon eye liners, so you really don’t have to choose!

Price: $8.49



In order to bring your makeup together, a red lipstick would look amazing. Revlon does an amazing job in capturing the color at an affordable price!

Price: $8.99



The infinite possibilities for foundation are ridiculous! You will definitely find your pick from moisterizer ink to oil foundation with SPF. The Maybelline brand is my personal favorite since it does not feel thick on my skin and looks natural. However, there are so many brands you can tailor to your face.

Price: $7.99

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