Guys’ Takes on Girls’ Footwear

By Tanner Jankins

Girls, the time has come. Here is what guys think of your footwear, as told by a guy.



More commonly known as the sweatpants of the feet, these boots are just glorified house slippers. Uggs can give off a number of undesirable looks, while occasionally feigning a “well, they’re not that bad” appearance. The tan/brown color makes it look like you’re wearing suede foot burritos — maybe Boloco will incorporate these into its winter employee uniform.

Wearing uggs with tucked-in sweatpants and a hoodie is the easiest way to make sure no guy (perhaps even your boyfriend) will approach you.  However, if there is absolutely no other alternative, dark-colored uggs can slip under the radar, occasionally.  Also, make sure they’re not all wrinkled and salt-stained; it just shows guys you don’t really care about the way you look if they are.



Whether it’s pastel Hunters, Bean Boots or any other variety, wellies are undeniably the most sensible choice for any bad winter day. Although also worn by fishermen around the world, these boots can compliment many looks and are far more flattering than uggs, while also more useful to the wearer. There are a few garish varieties, such as those ankle-length ones Ted Baker sold with a bow attached. Generally though, wellies are a great way to still look cute on a bad day.

Riding Boots


Basically, anything leather that goes above the calf has potential to be hot and classy. If you don’t have the money for Frye or Stuart Weitzman, what matters is that the boots are clean and fit your leg properly. Riding boots are a great look.

Timberland Boots

Rihanna is fresh faced as she walks through the airport terminal in Los Angeles

Unlike the wellies, which can be unisex, construction boots aren’t very flattering at all — even the ones designed for women.  If you see a guy checking them out on you, he’s probably just wondering if you stole them from your younger brother. They are too androgynous and no more practical than riding boots, so why not just stick with riding boots or even military/combat-style boots if you want a more edgy look.

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